Modern Mediterranean Luxury Interiors

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Relaxed yet luxurious, modern yet timeless Mediterranean style. LoNiu Home interior design services include active input in every stage of the project, making sure that interior and exterior areas are practical, cozy, stylish and unique.

Imagine your dream home, in LoNiu Home Shop you will find everything you require for your Mediterranean styled home.


About LoNiu Home

LoNiu Home is a family-oriented business focused on designing modern Mediterranean style homes.

We create spaces to be lived in. You will fall in love again with your home as we aim for a casual approach while maintaining elegance and top-quality materials and finishes.

Tell us about your project

We would love to hear about your project. Our aim is to blend spaces with their natural environment, giving importance to the exterior and providing natural light. We always seek to merge interior and exterior, with simple but high-quality materials, warm colors and organic fabrics.