LoNiu Home is a family-oriented business focused on designing modern luxury Mediterranean style homes.

We create homes to be lived in. You will fall in love again with your home as we aim for a casual approach while maintaining elegance and top-quality materials and finishes.

Meet the Team

With years of expertise in development, property management, procurement, design, and marketing, Noemi Alvarez and Paul Robinson are able to deliver a high degree of individual attention in interior design so that customer expectations are satisfied in the best possible way.

Partners in business but also in family life. They work hard to provide the greatest service to their clients of the building company and interior design and online shop LoNiu Home while spending a lot of time with their family.

Attention to detail, customization to individual tastes, 
exclusivity and above all quality are the core values of our business.

Luxury Construction Services in Mallorca

If you are thinking about building a property in Mallorca, or you would like to renovate your property to enhance its appeal and practicality, then with Paul Robinson the involvement of an experienced team ensures that no corners are cut and work is completed within reasonable timelines. With a reputation for high standards, we can create the home you are looking for.